The Georgina Island Storytelling Project

Our stories celebrate our heritage and identity as Chippewa people. They preserve and teach our Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge for the future generations of Georgina Island. In the tradition of oral history over generations, our youth - in their turn - will carry on this legacy to protect and share our proud history and who we are as the Chippewas of Georgina Island.

Community Trash Talk Monday March 5th 2018





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Tuesday February 6, 2018

Please join us for a Fundraiser Lunch and enjoy the video presentation by Greer Atkinson on the big screen!

Lunch will be Pulled Pork Sandwichs, Salads, Dessert and a Drink

See flyer for more information! Lunch Fundariser Feb 6, 2017

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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
120 Bayview Parkway, Newmarket, Ont., L3Y 3W3
Telephone: (905) 895-1281 Fax: (905) 853-5881



Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

120 Bayview Parkway, Newmarket, Ont., L3Y 3W3

Telephone: (905) 895-1281 Fax: (905) 853-5881



Issued to the following groups:


1)         Municipalities and Local Conservation Authorities

2)         School Boards and Police

3)         Media

4)            LSRCA Board of Directors and all LSRCA Employees


Date:   February 21, 2018

Time:   9:15 a.m.


The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority advises that warm weather and another 10 mm of continued rainfall is forecast today.  Flooding has been reported across low lying areas along Lake Simcoe through Innisfil and Georgina.  High flows and flooding are occurring or imminent through the Pefferlaw River, Beaver River and Whites Creek.


Rivers and streams are already flowing high and the forecasted rainfall will make them higher and crest their banks.


This notice is to advise that significant flooding is imminent in various low lying areas of the watershed due to the heavy rainfall and melting snow pack.  Ice jams are possible and occurring across many watercourses.


All watercourses in our area will experience higher than normal water levels.  As a result, local streams and rivers will remain dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts and bridges.  Children should be warned to stay away from all watercourses. Residents are advised to take immediate precautions to protect themselves, their pets and their property.


This Flood Warning will be in effect through Friday February 23, 2018.


Conservation Authority staff will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as required.  For more information, please contact the following person at (905) 895-1281.


Marianne Maertens, P.Eng.

Duty Officer


Flood Warning:  Flooding is imminent or already occurring in specific watercourses or municipalities.  Municipalities and individuals should take action to deal with flood conditions.  This may include road closures and evacuations.


Whitefish River First Nation Community Centre
Friday, January 18, 2018 10am – 3pm

Birch Island Maple Syrup Seminar Jan 2018



Ahneen! Well, it is hard to believe that it is already time to say Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

As we celebrate this holiday season, we want to extend our best wishes to everyone for a safe, happy and healthy Christmas with family and friends. As we reflect back on the year, and the many challenges we have faced in years gone by as a community, we have remained strong and determined. This can be a difficult time for those who are missing loved ones, and so we take the time to give thanks and special acknowledgements to those who have passed on. Let us use this time to reflect and count our blessings. We give thanks to our youth, our veterans, elders, and women and men who have contributed so much over time.

The greatest gift we could exchange this season is to serve one another.

May we ask you all to remember your neighbours at this time of year, especially the elderly and those who live alone.

We would also like to extend a special welcome to those who have come home to Georgina Island for the holidays to be with family and hope that you have a wonderful time.

Our very best wishes go to those who are sick at home or in hospital this Christmas and we wish you a speedy recovery.

To all who are spending Christmas away from the island, we would like to extend Christmas greetings from Georgina Island.

From your Council and your dedicated Band staff, we wish you and your family all the love and blessings of the season.

Merry Christmas!

Chief Donna Big Canoe

Councillor Bill McCue

Councillor Pat Big Canoe

Councillor Lauri Hoeg

Councillor Benson Big Canoe



As per by-law (10-03) the following breeds are restricted and not permitted on Georgina Island First Nation:

Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull

Pit Bull

Stafford Bull Terrier

Bull Mastiff

Doberman Pinscher



For more information contact Ellie Big Canoe, Animal Control Officer (705) 437-1337 x 2251


Chi-Miigwech (Thank-you) for your cooperation

Church Schedule Updated November 17, 2017


Stand with Georgina Island First Nation to Protect the Lake Simcoe Watershed

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Upper York Publication and Petition

NOTICE Regarding Lifting of Firewood Ban Oct 2017