Community Services


All community owned buildings are operated and maintained by the Public Works Department. We maintain our roads and the road superintendent performs all repairs and snow removal. Our trucks and plows maintain private roads while outside contractors perform major repairs.

Georgina Island maintains the following roads:

  • Chief Joseph Snake RoadCribs at Public Works M
  • Loon Road
  • Bear Road
  • Sugar Bush Road
  • Rabbit Road
  • Root Road
  • Morning Road
  • Sandy Beach Road
  • Hello Road

A Level II Operator and an Operator in Training maintain our water treatment plant and distribution system.

A waste management officer and a gate attendant operate the landfill site. Georgina Island First Nation currently holds one refuse collection agreement with a local contractor.

Public Works – Nick Charles
Garbage Pick Up – Rod Charles
Landfill Site – Karen Downer
Water Treatment Plant Operator – Rod Charles