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My name is Dani Cotton and I am currently working for the band office on an important project: I am gathering stories, photographs, and information about our people to include in a book about the history of the Chippewas of Georgina Island. This book is being created to tell the stories of our community so they will not be lost and this way we can ensure our story is told our way. Through our stories, which span decades and encompass many topics determined to be important and characteristic of our people, we can retain our culture and pass our knowledge onto others. Therefore, I am seeking to acquire the stories of our people and to access photographs, news articles, etc. that may pertain to the Chippewas of Georgina Island and the following topics:

  • Snake Island and its History
  • Traditional Hunting Territories and the Environment
  • School and Education
  • Art and Crafting of the Men and Women of Georgina Island
  • War
  • Crossing the Lake
  • Farming: Crops and Livestock
  • Stories about Growing Up on Georgina Island – Life, community members, events, etc.
  • Medicines and Medicine People
  • Culture, Traditions, and Religion
  • Kinship & Family


I would greatly appreciate any and all contribution you, as members of all ages, may have. This book is dependent on the stories of our people and it would be wonderful to be able to pass information through to further generations, as well as those seeking knowledge. Our stories are important and help people to understand us. This is a great opportunity to be heard.

Please reach me at, through the band office at 705-437-1337 or feel free to approach me if you see me

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