As more and more unmarked graves continue to be found at residential school properties across Canada, our collective grief as Indigenous Nations and People grows. We want to recognize all the children who were forced into a system of genocide by the Canadian government, and which were run by churches in every province and territory. Our hearts go out to all the children who lost their lives, their culture, their identity, their communities and their families. We also feel for everyone who continues to live in the dark shadow of these institutions and for everyone who this news has had a traumatic impact on. Please know that we are all here to support one another through this time.

For our allies who want to show their support for Indigenous People and their communities, please read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada report. This report details the horrific injustices and treatment that the Indigenous population has been subjected to in this country. But it also provides 94 calls to action that all Canadians can engage in at a federal, provincial, municipal and individual level. Please put pressure on the government to acknowledge, teach about and act on not just the TRC calls to action, but also the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls 231 calls for justice.

There are also numerous other Indigenous written resources available so people can educate themselves on Canada’s relationship with its Indigenous population at all reading and comprehension levels.

We ask that people respect that our communities are grieving, our hearts are heavy. The news that has recently come out is not new to us, but it brings to the surface, once again, all that deep grief and trauma. Please walk gently at this time, we are focused on our own healing and cannot be the leaders in others education regarding these matters.

We as a community will be using this Canada Day to celebrate ourselves and our culture. We ask our membership to learn a new word or phrase in our language, make a beautiful work of art, go fishing or hunting, practice or learn a ceremony, or spend the day with your family and children. This is how we honor those little spirits who have brought truth and light to all Canadians.

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