Georgina Island First Nation has partnered with Cambium Inc. and Crane Management to develop a Community Energy Plan.  The Plan will involve calculating the current energy use on the island and identify the future needs of the community.  We will be reviewing all the various types of energy used in the community including, electricity, propane, heating oil and wood.  To be able to identify the energy used in the community, we are conduction door-to-door surveys to gather simple but valuable information.  The household survey should only take a minute to complete and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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Contact Information:

Amy Altseimer, Energy Plan Community Liaison, Georgina Island, 705-437-1337

Rachel Big Canoe, Economic Development Assistant, Georgina Island, 705-437-1337 ext. 2224

John Main, Engineer-in-training, Cambium Inc. 705-719-0700 ext. 405

Rob Arkell, Sustainability Specialist, Cambium Inc. 705-742-7900

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