Community Services

Parents and Guardians:

These are some of the sites that promote learning that is related to the curriculum:

All subjects and homework help (more for older students):

Start here for almost everything. This site is maintained by Kevin McAsh at the York Region District School Board and is checked regularly.


Each student in the Grade 3 to 5 class have logins. This is an excellent site for math. You can ask Ms. Marucci to print out a progress report. Students can also check how they are doing.

We ask your help in developing these two skills: keyboarding and number facts. They are time consuming skills and students who develop them do make better progress. Here are useful links. Note that these math sites ‘drill’ number facts more than Mathletics.

Keyboarding (Typing):

Dance Mat Typing (from BBC Schools) and SenseLang Touch Typing Program

Math Facts:

Count Hoot’s Number Activity – on-line activities for addition and subtraction. (uses Shockwave) (Primary) A+ Math Flashcards – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division ,Rounding, Area, Square Root, Algebra, Fraction Inequalities, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with Negative Numbers, Inequalities, Reducing Fractions, Multiplying and Reducing Fractions, Money, Geometric Shapes Learn your geometric terms! (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)


Students were given login information last June with their reports.