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Social Services

Ontario Works Administrator – Carol Taylor
P: 705-437-1581
P: 705-437-1337 ext. 2230
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Child and Family Services

Band Representative

The role of the First Nation Band Representative is to act on behalf of our children and our community with child welfare matters. The Band Representative is the point of contact that any Child and Family Well-Being Agency within Canada must notify with concerns and involvement with any Georgina Island community member. Our Band Representatives are First Nation employees appointed by Chief and Council, not employees of the Child Well-Being Agencies. The Band Representative works with the agencies and families to address child welfare concerns This often includes attending meetings with children, youth and families along with the agency workers, consultation and planning with the agency and families, ensuring that families receive culturally appropriate service, advocacy, and working with families to ensure that our children are safe and taken care of. These things are done with the hope of, not only resolving concerns, but also to work with the agencies and families in a way that is respectful and allows for healing to take place.

Family Support

Our Family Support Worker provides family support by working directly with children, youth, parents, families, and community in a way that empowers and strengthens our families. If there is child welfare involvement, our Family Support Worker can meet with the agency and families to address the concerns and create positive change. They may work with families who feel like parenting and family support may be beneficial. This can include home visits, one-on-one work, group work, community programs, workshops, advocacy, or connecting community members with additional resources.


Our Prevention Program provides children, youth, and adults with community based programs to enhance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of our community members. Our Prevention Program includes one-on-one work with the Prevention Worker, weekly groups, workshops, and support.


Shannon Crate– Child and Family Service Program Manager

Tel: (905) 960-9133



Meghan Milson– Band Representative

Tel: (705) 930-4622



Julie Virgoe– Band Representative/Family Support

Tel: (905) 955-9568



Sydney Erwood– Prevention Worker

Tel: (905)955-7529