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Transportation Manager – Benson Big Canoe

Non-essential visitors are not permitted on the island. It is a private residential community with no spaces open to the public. Ferry transportation is for GIFN members and their guests, leaseholders, and contractors.



Now that the ice is off the lake, we will begin the annual maintenance process for the Aazhaawe, and it will be shut down while this maintenance is being completed.

Please be advised that shut down will occur April 15th. We are estimating the down time to be 4 weeks.

The GIFN Water Taxi will only be available to GIFN members but the Snake Island Water Taxi will make trips for non-members. This is to be arranged through their driver.


Chief and Council

Chippewas of Georgina Island


2024 AAZHAAWE SUMMER SCHEDULE – Effective May 2024

In preparation for the return of the Aazhaawe, here is the updated schedule. There have been a couple of minor changes made to it. Please make sure that you throw out all April 2024 schedules and replace them with this one.
Rates will remain the same.

All modes of transportation and communication are subject to weather conditions.

The Aazhaawe Ferry

Aazhaawe was the name given to our vessel by Elder Barbara McDonald. In English, this means ‘to go across,’ and it is a phrase that has been commonly used by residents for many, many years. ‘Are you going across?’ or ‘I’m going across today,’ or ‘Are you going across again?’ are phrases that are part of life on the island.

Hike Metal of Nova Scotia built the ferryboat for Georgina Island First Nation in 1999. In September of 1999, the vessel was sailed from Nova Scotia, through the Trent Severn Waterway, and into Lake Simcoe, where it finally found its home on Georgina Island.

The Aazhaawe is Transport Canada approved and regularly inspected by the coast guard. The ship and crew meet all Canadian Coast Guard specifications and requirements. It can carry up to 18 cars and there is comfortable cabin space for 50 walk-on passengers. We request that you park your vehicle on the mainland and walk on to the ferry to save the limited space for island residents. The ferryboat travels from April through to December.

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The Water Taxi


The Water Taxi is for Members only to enable our staff and people safe passage.