AFN Bulletin – Federal Election Call-Centre Initiative September 2015

The assembly of First Nations (AFN) has a contract with Elections Canada to provide information to First Nation voters on voting requirements and the voting process for the upcoming 2015 Federal Election (October 19,2 015).

Changes to the Canada Elections Act have made voting more difficult for First Nations voters.  In particular, proving a home address required identification that many First Nation voters may not have and cannot easily acquire.

The AFN has identified a document called the Letter of Confirmation of Residence as the best solution for first Nation voters who lack proper identification.  The Letter of Confirmation of Residence can be filled out and signed by a First Nation band administrator and used by First Nation voters as proof of their home address when they go to vote.  Getting this message out to First Nations is key part of the AFN outreach strategy.

The AFN will be managing a Call-Centre to help ensure First Nation band administrators are aware of the identification requirements for voting, and to provide them with access to the Letter of Confirmation of Residence and information on how to issue it to their citizens.

The AFN Call-Centre will be calling First Nation band administrators beginning on September 15 and running through to mid-October, 2015.

Additional information on the requirements for voting can be obtained by contacting Elections Canada t 1-800-463-6868 or online at  A First Nation specific template of the Letter of Confirmation of Residence is available at

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