From September 26th until its conclusion on October 21st, the jury for the Devon Freeman inquest heard testimony from many witnesses about Devon, his death, the circumstances and his care leading up to his death, the importance of community and culture and family, and things that could’ve been done and should be done. It was an inquest full of emotion, learning, acceptance, reflection, and forgiveness. These lessons were given to all those involved, and all those who watched, from Devon. His life, and his death, brought teachings to many. The Chippewas would like to extend the utmost thanks and love to Shannon Crate, our Band Rep, and Pamela Freeman, Devon’s grandmother. Their strength, courage, determination, and love brought about this entire process and forged the path for 75 jury recommendations to be made to help not only Indigenous children in care, but all children. The link below contains the verdict of the inquest and outlines all 75 jury recommendations.

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