December 15, 2020

Notice to Georgina Island Leaseholders

Georgina Island Entering Lockdown December 21, 2020 for Minimum 30 Days

Ferry boat restricted to GIFN members and GIFN staff only

As of Monday December 14, 2020, York Region has joined Toronto and Peel in the Grey – Lockdown Zone. This is due to continued high number of COVID cases, continued community spread and inability to trace the source of infections, a high proportion of positive tests, and increasing pressures on hospitals in the region. Although Health Canada approval of a COVID vaccine is a positive step, people must continue to implement social distancing and other virus prevention strategies to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Under the Grey Lockdown Zone, it is illegal to gather indoors with anyone you do not live with. You must limit contact to your household (the people you live with) and stay at least 2 metres apart from everyone else. Do not visit any other household or allow visitors in your home. Only go out for essential reasons, such as work, school, groceries, pharmacy, health care, helping vulnerable people, and outdoor exercise. People are asked to work remotely, where possible. Non-essential businesses must be closed, except for curb side pick-up and delivery.[1]

Chief and Council are announcing that Georgina Island will be in lockdown as of Monday, December 21st, 2020 and the ferry boat will be restricted to GIFN members and GIFN staff only until further notice.  Transportation staff will continue to inspect vehicles and walk-on passengers prior to loading onto the ferry. The Band Office is currently closed to the public, and will be closed to staff as of December 16, 2020.

As was previously communicated, Chief and Council would like to strongly discourage leaseholders from visiting or staying in their cottages on Georgina Island for the winter. Everyone is being asked to stay home, limit contact with others, and only go out for essential reasons.

Chief and Council will continue to monitor the situation together with our Emergency Task Force and will implement additional measures as required. The lockdown will be reviewed after 30 days (January 21).

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to keep our community safe from the virus.


Chief Donna BigCanoe


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