The Georgina Island Storytelling Project

Our stories celebrate our heritage and identity as Chippewa people. They preserve and teach our Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge for the future generations of Georgina Island. In the tradition of oral history over generations, our youth - in their turn - will carry on this legacy to protect and share our proud history and who we are as the Chippewas of Georgina Island.

Our Visitor

Elaine McCue

We sit and wait for the clock to strike four,
knowing soon we will hear a small knock at the door.
It slowly opens and a small voice will say,
“Granny I’m here for our visit today!”

“Granny I’m here for our visit today!”

A coloured picture made just for Grandpa and me
must be taped to our fridge for all to see.
Her time at daycare, with me she will share,
each small event she does not spare.

She looks at the table with hopes to find
a treat has been placed there of some special kind.
Grandpa has rewarded our little visitor,
so she promptly declares, “It’s time to go!”

“I will come again tomorrow,” she will say,
this ray of sunshine into our day.
Once more we will sit and wait for the clock to strike four
in anticipation of our little visitor.

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